Linda Garofallou, MS, IMH-E®-III Clinical
Qigong Sensory Treatment for Children's Special Developmental Needs

Infant Massage-Benefits

 Benefits for Your Baby

  • Relieves gas, colic and digestive problems
  • Improves sleep patterns--babies sleep longer & deeper
  • Decreases stress hormones–releases & soothes physical & emotional tension
  • Increases baby's threshold for touch stimulation 
  • Enhances coping mechanisms and your baby's ability to self-soothe & self-regulate


Benefits for Parents, Grandparents & Caregivers

  • A special time to bond with your baby
  • It's relaxing!  It slows time down!
  • Enhances understanding of your child’s cues & unique forms of communication
  • Enhances parent confidence & sensitivity
  • Decreases stress hormones for both you and your baby
  • Promotes the release of nurturing hormones. You'll find the massage is as nurturing to you as it is to your baby
  • Parents report feeling more confident in their parenting skills and more bonded and securely attached to their children


  • Provides a special focused time for dads to be involved in their baby's care 

       "Babies who are massaged gain more weight, they sleep better,  they are less irritable,  they are more responsive,  they have better interactions with their parents and they show superior mental and motor development."

 - Tiffany Field, PhD,   Touch Research Institute - University of Miami Medical School.